Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Unyoke Leaders Exchange Participants 7-17 April 2015

From left to right: Stella Sabiiti (Uganda) Colin Herrman (UK) Solange Furaha (DRC) Andries Odendaal (SA) Khaled Al Bitar (Syria) Sifiso Mbuyisa (SA) Pieter Vanholder (Belgium/DRC) Chris Spies (SA) Nomfundo Walaza (SA) Philip Visser (SA/South Sudan) Clever Nyathi (Zimbabwe)

Unyoke Leaders Exchange was a resounding success. It exceeded all expectations.  We achieved our objectives more than 100%. At the moment I’m working on a short document and a video documentary to capture some of the gems without breaching the Chatham House rules that we had set for ourselves. 

You know something has worked when people say the following:  

"Thank you so much for the Unyoke Leadership Exchange. Very very special. I have not felt so refreshed in a very long time.”
“I was rather dead, but there is a lot of life that has started to grow during this week.”
"When I came here, life was quite dark. I was in a very bad space. The horizon cleared up while I was here, even if there are still a few dark lines. But this was a very light time for me, even if it was heavy or intense, but far lighter than what I have hoped.”

Not only have we achieved a rejuvenation of inspiration and energy, but quite a number of participants said that the time together helped them to change direction and to work differently. That is exactly what we had hoped for. 

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