Friday, September 11, 2015


9/11 will always be for me the watershed day when old thinking triumphed over creativity. It was old thinking that made the attackers think they were performing a heroic act. It was old thinking, devoid of any creativity, that led GW Bush to believe that a "war on terror" was the answer. Even today so many leaders still believe the way to settle conflicts is through violence. The world is much less safe. Old thinking seems to live forever but it kills everything it touches.

Maybe we need a monument for 9/11—not one that commemorates the victims, but one that celebrates the lives of thousands of creative peacebuilders in communities, countries and regions all over the world. Let the efforts of ordinary men and women be the living testimony of the true creative human spirit that triumphs over old thinking. Honour every father and mother who raise their children not to hate. Let the voices of those who say "not in our name and not in our God's name" shout louder and louder until the whole world stands together against senseless death, misery and old thinking.
Thank goodness for signs of hope. And spare a thought for those who are so disappointed about the Iran nuclear deal. At least there was some creative thinking.

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